In Focus

27 Jan 14
Quit being overly optimistic, says analysts.
14 Jan 14
Invest in the top 50 companies in mainland China.
14 Nov 13
But some markets will show deterioration.
23 Oct 13
Fears rise over higher interest rates, tail risk.
16 Oct 13
Debt problem must be tackled 'convincingly'.
8 Oct 13
Rising middle-class to boost growth.
2 Oct 13
China led the region's slight growth.
23 Sep 13
Stocks restoring some lost ground.
31 Jul 13
That's over the next five years.
1 Feb 13
India has revised its code of conduct guidelines for the fund houses and distributors.
3 Jan 13
China will develop its mutual fund industry, which is struggling to produce returns for investors.
22 Nov 12
For 10 million euro.
11 Nov 12
China's new leaders will boost growth.
17 Oct 12
Vietnam's commercial banks have spent 160 trillion dong into corporate bonds due to the high interest rates offered, as well as its...
10 Oct 12
The India-focused hedge funds is on the road to recovery and are expected to close the calendar year 2012 on a positive note.
16 Sep 12
Investors withdrew a net $2 billion from Japan's domestic equity mutual funds sector in August.
6 Sep 12
China Investment Corp has sold most of its 3 percent stake in BlackRock Inc., which it bought a 3 percent stake for $1 billion in 2009.
4 Sep 12
A number of South Korean asset managers and brokerage houses exhibited negative net worth.
1 Sep 12
Nomura Holdings is cutting an additional US$1 billion in costs in its overseas operations.
30 Aug 12
RHB Capital will soon have regional access to seven out of ten Asean markets, as well as, Hong Kong.
17 Aug 12
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ Monetary Board has crafted new guidelines on the expanding trust, fiduciary and fund management industry...
16 Aug 12
CIMB Group may start broking operations in India and South Korea after buying most of RBS Group’s Asian investment banking assets.
13 Aug 12
Bank of Montreal has completed its previously announced acquisition of a 19.99% in Beijing-based COFCO Trust Co.
6 Jul 12
Indonesia's mutual fund industry is expecting less volatile financial markets and strong demand from retail investors to fuel a second half...
16 Jun 12
Former Citigroup portfolio manager Yang Yeo and Janice Dunnett are preparing to launch a hedge fund in the third quarter of 2012.
11 Jun 12
PT BNP Paribas Investment Partners sees the amount of assets it manages in Indonesia increasing this year despite a decline in JCI.
9 Jun 12
India's diversified stock funds fell the most in six months in May, pulled down by banks and automobiles amongothers.
8 Jun 12
Symphony Financial Partners is seeking $1 billion from investors after its Japan-focused hedge fund returned more than four times its peers....
16 May 12
Maybank will report commendable first quarter results with pre-provision operating profit growth expected at 19.3 percent.
9 May 12
China's regulators are proposing to allow hedge funds to directly trade in mainland stocks and bonds.
8 May 12
The CEO of Schroders Investment Management is bullish on the mid- to long-term prospects of Indian mutual fund industry.
19 Mar 12
More investment funds in Vietnam will be set up as the country's stock market recovers.
6 Mar 12
Asia-focused hedge funds started with help from a major backer are shutting down as a shrinking pool of key investors.
10 Feb 12
ING will auction its investment management business separately from its Asian insurance business.
7 Feb 12
NAB posted unaudited cash earnings of $1.4 billion in the first quarter of the 2012 financial year.
1 Feb 12
The Central Bank of Ireland has approved the establishment of CIMB-Principal Islamic Asset Management (Ireland) Public Limited.
5 Jan 12
Chinese banks more than doubled sales of wealth management products in 2011 to an estimated 15.5 trillion yuan or $2.46 trillion.
27 Dec 11
Mizuho Financial Group may buy an investment bank in Asia to help improve slow growth in winning equity and debt offerings in the region.